About this Journal

This new journal is a fully-refereed electronic journal that welcomes original research articles that report interesting and potentially important ideas. Longer survey articles are also welcomed if they provide important referencing materials.

All papers submitted to this journal are evaluated by external reviewers (anonymous to authors) and refereed within four weeks. Upon acceptance the papers are published online within one week. (The accepted papers should be published promptly in order to be relevant for the urgencies of today in this field. In addition, we should provide an electronic version paper of author(s) for accepted paper like many journals.)

Scope: Applied Mathematics; Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition; Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Software Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Remote Sensing Image analysis; Water Resource Engineering.

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning is the official journal of the Scientific Advances Publishers. The Scientific Advances Publishers was formed to fill a need for information exchange among research workers in the applied mathematics and computer scientific field. Up to now, our journals have been tagging along in computer science, information theory, optical processing techniques, and other miscellaneous fields. Because this work in applied mathematics and computer scientific presently appears in widely spread articles and as isolated lectures in conferences in many diverse areas, the purpose of the International Journal of Applied Mathematic and Machine Learning is to give all of us an opportunity to get together in one place to publish our work. The journal will thereby expedite communication among research scientists interested in applied mathematics and computer scientific field.

We consider applied mathematics and computer scientific in the broad sense, and we assume that the journal will be read by people with a common interest in applied mathematic and computer scientific field but from many diverse backgrounds. These include biometrics, target recognition, space science, classification methods, character recognition, image processing, industrial applications, neural computing, and many others.

ISSN NO: 2394-2258