1. Are the journals published by Scientific Advances Publishers refereed?

Answers: Yes, Journals published by Scientific Advances Publishers are refereed journals.

2. Are the journals published by Scientific Advances Publishers open-access journals? What are the benefits of publishing in an open access journal?

Answers: Yes, Journals published by Scientific Advances Publishers are open-access journal. All the documents published in our journals since their inception are now available for readers free of cost. They may be downloaded/printed as many times without any charge.

3. What type of papers does Scientific Advances Publishers publish?

Answers: Scientific Advances Publishers publishes original research papers, review/survey papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews.

4. I want to submit my paper to Scientific Advances Publishers, how should I submit it?

Answers: You have to submit your paper through online submission link [online submisson] submit your paper and also, you can submit your paper through e-mail at atul@scientificadvances.co .in or scientificadvance spublishers@gmail.com

5. Does Scientific Advances Publishers have ‘authors guidelines’?

Answers: Yes, Scientific Advances Publishers has its own manuscript submission guidelines. Author(s) are advised to follow the Author Guidelines in preparing the manuscript before submission.

6. How much time does Scientific Advances Publishers take in review process?

Answers: The review process takes minimum two or three weeks.

7. What are publication charges?

Answers: If the paper is accepted for publication, Authors are requested to arrange page charges of their papers at the rate of USD 25.00 per page for USA and Canada, and EURO 20.00 per page for rest of the world from their institutions/research grants, if any. However, for authors in India this charge is Rs. 800.00 per page. Contributors will receive twenty-five reprints of their papers ex-gratis. Authors may order offprints of articles prior to publication.

8. What is the acceptance rate of papers?

Answers: 35% –45%.

9. I want to know about the copyright policy of Scientific Advances Publishers.

Answers: It is assumed that the submitted manuscript has not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright for their articles is transferred to the publisher, if and when, the paper is accepted for publication. Authors are reminded that they should retain a copy of anything submitted for publication since neither the Journal nor the publisher can accept liability for any loss.

10. What type of file format do you accept?

Answers: We accept Microsoft Word and pdf format.