Editorial Board

Professor Stevan Savic

Faculty of Science
Climatology and Hydrology Research Centre
University of Novi Sad
Trg Dositeja Obradovica 3
21000, Novi Sad
e-mail: stevan.savic@dgt.uns.ac.rs
Areas of Interest: Geoscience. Particularly on Climatology, i.e. Urban Climate.

Professor Nilgün Sayil

Department of Geophysics
Engineering Faculty
Karadeniz Technical University
61080, Trabzon
e-mail: sayil@ktu.edu.tr
Areas of Interest: Earthquake Siesmology, Earthquake Statistics, Magnitude, Frequency, Earthquake Hazards, Earthquake Prediction, Determination of Ground Parameters with Microtremors, Surface Waves, Microlocation.

Professor Dan Xie

College of Astronautics
Northwestern Polytechnical University
Xian 710072
P. R. China
e-mail: xiedan2010@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Aeroelasticity, Panel Flutter, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos Theory, Bifurcation Analysis, Model Order Reduction, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Method.

Professor Chia-Ming Lo

Department of Civil Engineering
Chienkuo Technology University
e-mail: ppb428@yahoo.com.tw
Areas of Interest: Geotechnical Engineering, Earth Science, Earthquake Engineering

Professor Amin Almasri

Department of Civil Engineering
Jordan University of Science and Technology
P. O Box 3030
22110, Irbid
e-mail: ahalmasri@just.edu.jo
Areas of Interest: Structural Engineering, Structural Mechanics, and Construction Management.

Professor V. Zanjani Zadeh

Department of Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering
Research Associate at North Carolina State University
Campus Box 7908
Raleigh, NC, 27695-7908
e-mail: vzanjan@ncsu.edu
Areas of Interest: Nanotechnology in Construction Materials, Cement and Concrete Materials, Earthquake Engineering, and Structural Engineering.

Professor Hossein Moayedi

Department of Civil Engineering
Kermanshah University of Technology
e-mail: hossein.moayedi@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Geotechnical Engineering.

Professor Adib Khazaee

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Amirkabir University of Technology
424 Hafez, Ave.
e-mail: adibkhazaee@aut.ac.ir
Areas of Interest: Soil-Structure Interaction, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Wave Propagation.

Professor Angui Li

Vice Head, School of Environmental & Municipal Engineering
Xi\'an University of Architecture & Technology
Xi'an, Shaanxi 710055
P. R. China
Email: Liag@xauat.edu.cn
Areas of Interest: Physical and Naturally Built Environment, including Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Building Services, Indoor Air Quality, Architectural Engineering.

Professor Jimmy C. M. Kao

Institute of Environmental Engineering
National Sun Yat-Sen University
Kaohsiung 804
e-mail: jkao@mail.nsysu.edu.tw
Areas of Interest: Environmental Engineering, Green Building, and Sustainable Development.
URL: http://iee.nsysu.edu.tw/files/11-1094-5449-1.php

Professor Hassan Akbari

School of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering
Tehran University
e-mail: hasanakbari@alumni.ut.ac.ir< /a>
Areas of Interest: Coastal Engineering Field of Study.

Professor Mohamed I. A. Othman

Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
Zagazig University
P. O. Box 44519
Areas of Interest: Finite Element Method, Fluid Mechanics, Magnetothermoelasticity, Thermoelastic Diffusion, Fiber-Reinforced, Thermo-Viscoelasticity, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermoelastic with Voids, Micropolar Thermoelastic Medium, Generalized Thermoelasticity with Different Theories, Generalized Thermo-Microstretch Elastic Solid.

Professor Bouhadad Youcef

Département Aléa Sismique
Centre National de Recherche Appliquée en Génie Parasismique (CGS)
Rue Kadour Rahim
H. Dey, BP 252
e-mail: Bouhadad_y@yahoo.com; ybouhadad@cgs-dz.org
Areas of Interest: Geophysics, Seismic Hazard.

Professor A. A. Vereschaka

Moscow State Technological University (STANKIN)
Vadkovsky per. 1
127994 Moscow
e-mail: ecotech@rambler.ru
Areas of Interest: Modified Coatings for Various Applications (in the first place - Wear-Resistant Coatings for Cutting Tools).

Professor Shifan Qiao

School of Civil Engineering
Central South University
P. R. China
e-mail: qiaosf@csu.edu.cn

Professor Karam M. Al-Obaidi

School of Housing
Building & Planning
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Penang 11800
e-mail: karam_arc@yahoo.com
Areas of Interest: Sustainable Design and Bioclimatic Architecture, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Building Performance Analysis, Energy Modeling and Simulation, Building Technology (Daylighting Systems and Building Fabric).

Professor B. Shekastehband

Department of Civil Engineering
Urmia University of Technology
e-mail: b.shekastehband@uut.ac.ir

Professor Ching-Hui Tang

Department of Transportation Science
National Taiwan Ocean University
20224 No. 2 Pei-Ning Road
e-mail: chtang@mail.ntou.edu.tw

Professor Chang-Jin Ma

Department of Environmental Science
Fukuoka Women’s University
Fukuoka 813-8529
e-mail: ma@fwu.ac.jp

Professor Taghreed Kh. Mohammed Ali

Geotechnical Department
Engineering Faculty
Koya University
e-mail: taghreed.khaleefa@k oyauniversity.org
Areas of Interest: Reinforced Concrete Structures, Light Weight Concrete, and Concrete Technology.

Professor Leonardo F. R. Miranda

Department of Civil Construction
University Federal do Paraná-UFPR
e-mail: reciclagem.miranda@gmail.co m
Areas of Interest: Construction Materials: Concrete, Mortar, Aggregates, Cement. Construction and Demolition Waste: Management, Recycling Plants, Recycling at Construction Sites, Application of Recycled Aggregates in Mortar, Concrete, Pavement, Light Steel Framing.

Professor Hakim S. Abdelgader

Professor of Structural Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Tripoli University
P. O. Box 83038
e-mail: hakimsa@poczta.onet.pl
Areas of Interest: Concrete Mix Design, Recycled Materials for Concrete Production, Concrete Elements Cast in Fabric Forms, Two-Stage Concrete (Pre-Placed Aggregate Concrete) Technology and its Practical Applications, Concrete Repair, Durability, Self Compacting Concrete, High-Performance Concrete, Underwater Concreting.

Professor Pranshoo Solanki

College of Applied Science and Technology
Department of Technology, TUR 123
Illinois State University
Campus Box 5100
Normal IL 61790
U. S. A.
e-mail: psolank@ilstu.edu
Areas of Interest: Geotechnical Engineering, Beneficial Use of Recycled Materials and Industrial By-Products in Pavements, Pavement Geotechnics, Advanced Characterization of Pavement Materials, Stabilization of Subgrade Soils and Aggregates, Mechanistic Pavement Design, Pavement Instrumentation, Pavement Preservation, Nondestructive Pavement Evaluation, Numerical Modeling of Pavements, Artificial Intelligence in the Form of Neural Network Modeling, Rock Mechanics.

Professor S. Naganathan

Department of Civil Engineering
Universiti Tenaga Nasional
43000, Kajang
e-mail: SivaN@uniten.edu.my
Areas of Interest: Concrete Technology, Structure and Material in Civil Engineering, Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures, Waste Utilization, Alternate Cementitious Material.

Professor Paulo H. R. Borges

Department of Civil Engineering
Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais
Av. Amazonas, 7675
Belo Horizonte 30510-000
e-mail: pborges@civil.cefetmg.br
Areas of Interest: Construction Materials / Sustainable Materials for Civil Engineering.

Professor Enes Yasa

Department of Architecture
Energy Systems Laboratory
Texas A&M University
College Station
Texas, 77840
U. S. A.
e-mail: enesyasa@yahoo.com
Areas of Interest: Energy Conservation in Built Environment, Energy Performance in Buildings, Thermal Comfort, Green Building Design, Outdoor Building Climatic Comfort, Natural Ventilation, Microclimate Wind Movements, Wind Effects, Pedestrian Level Climatic Comfort, Computatioal Fluid Dynamics(CFD), Energy Performance in Buildings, Courtyard Buildings, Building form Optimization, Climatic Comfort, Building Physics, Urban Physics.

Professor José M. Jara

Civil Engineering School
University of Michoacán
Michoacán, 58000
e-mail: jmjara70@gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering, Seismic Hazard, Bridges , Passive Energy Devices.

Professor Seyhan Firat

Civil Engineering Department
Technology Faculty
Gazi University
06500 Teknikokullar
e-mail: sfirat@gazi.edu.tr
Areas of Interest: Soil Mechanics, Pile Foundation, Liquefaction, Waste Manegement, Using Waste Material in Soil Mechanics and Construction, Soil Stabilization, Soil-Structure Interaction.

Professor Ng Soon Ching

Faculty of Engineering and Science
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
Jalan Genting Kelang
Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
e-mail: ngsc@utar.edu.my
URL: http://www.utar.edu.my
Areas of Interest: Lightweight Concrete, Heat Insulation Aspect of Building Materials, Soft Ground Engineering, Green Building Construction.

Professor Luigi Fiorino

Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture
Engineering Faculty
University of Naples Federico II
P.le V. Tecchio 80
7th Floor, 80125 Napoli
e-mail: lfiorino@unina.it
URL: www.dist.unina.it
Areas of Interest: Structural Engineering of Metallic Constructions (Steel/Aluminium); Earthquake Engineering. Cold-Formed Metallic Structures.

Professor Said Kenai

Materials and Civil Engineering Laboratory
Civil Engineering Department
University of Blida
P. O Box 270, Blida
e-mail: sdkenai@yahoo.com
Areas of Interest: Concrete Structures, Materials Engineering, Composite Materials, Buildings and Forensic Engineering.

Professor Herbert C. Uzoegbo

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of the Witwatersrand
Private Bag 3, Wits 2050
South Africa
e-mail: hc.uzoegbo@wits.ac.za
Areas of Interest: Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Concrete Technology and Construction .

Professor Constantine I. Sachpazis

Head of Laboratory of Soil Mechanics
Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering Division
Department of Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control
Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia
Killa 50100, Kozani
e-mail: csachpazis@tee.gr or csachpazis@teiwm.gr or costas@sachpazis.info
URL: http://users.teiwm.gr/csachpazis/en/home/
Areas of Interest:

Soil – Foundation – Structure Interaction Analysis under Seismic Excitation.
Geotechnical Site Investigation planning and implementing in major projects concerning Foundations, Tunnels, Roads & Railways, Underground Works & Dams, etc.
Analysis and Design of Specific & Complicated Foundation Systems.
Deep Anchored Piled Retaining Walls (Analysis, Design, Detailing).
Design, Construction and Supervision of Soil and Rock slopes and excavations. (Slope stability analyses problems and Retaining structures. Slope Stabilization techniques).
Design of Ground Improvement techniques.
Design of Geotechnical Engineering Monitoring Systems and Instrumentation in Geotechnical Applications.
Soil stabilization techniques and soil properties improvement – cement, chemical grouting, etc.
Suitability of building stones and aggregates for concrete – railway ballast & skid resistant pavements.
Implementation of quality control procedures.
Management and protection of underground/surface water resources and the environment, using integrated Computerized Intelligent Engineering Systems.
Laboratory testing on concrete, soils and rocks and evaluation of their suitability as construction materials for various purposes.
Structural Modelling, Analysis, Design and Detailing to E.C.2 & E.C.3.
Preparation of technical proposals and method statements.
Responsibility on internal training of staff in Civil Engineering Projects.
Expert Witness & Arbitration Reporting.