About this Journal

Aims and Scope: The Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics: Advances and Applications is a fully refereed international journal, which publishes original research papers and survey articles in all areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Topics in detail to be covered are: Algorithms, Applicable Analysis, Applied Logic, Applied Thermodynamics, Applied Nonlinear Dynamics and Nonlinear Control, Approximation Theory, Bifurcation Theory, Biosciences, Celestial Mechanics, Computer Applications, Difference Equations and their Applications, Discrete applied mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Finite Element Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Game Theory, Informatics and Oscillation Theory, Lattice Dynamics, Geophysics, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Behavior, Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Psychology, Magnetohydrodynamics, Nonlinear Water Waves, Optimal Control, Splines, Solitons and Fractals in Nonlinear Science and Engineering, System Theory, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Solid Mechanics, Numerical Methods, Plasma Mechanics, Optimization Methods, Soliton Theory, Theoretical Computer Science, Spectral Theory of Differential Operators, Turbulence Theory, Transport Phenomena, Experimental papers are also welcomed.

Indexing and Reviews:
Mathematical Reviews and MathSciNet databases of the American Mathematical Society and also in Zentralblatt fur Mathematik of the European Mathematical Society (EMS).

Frequency: The Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics: Advances and Applications is published in Two volume annually and each volume consisting of two issues. One volume of this journal is expected to comprise of 300 pages.

ISSN NO: 0974 - 9381